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We are currently in the process of creating an Alumni association. For more information contact Cynthia Connell at

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BYU Native American Alumini Dinner 

Join us for dinner in honor of our Native American Alumni and in recognition of your contributions to the Native American Community. 

Date: Thursday, March 24th, 2016 @ 4:00PM 

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In March 2015, the Multicultural Student Services Office hosted the first Native American Alumni Dinner in several years.  The purpose of this event was to honor the contributions BYU's former Native American students have made to their communities.  Hosted just before the Living Legends Alumni Performance and the same week as the Cedartree Memorial Powwow, we invited Native American alumni from around the country to return to their alma mater and participate.  BYU Catering served a delicious steak dinner.  Bryan and Dustin Jansen drummed an honor song to welcome the alumni back.  Speakers included Sharon Tapahe, Aaron Ranger, Yvonne Curley, and Sarah Westerburg.  Current Native American... more