About Us

 The goal of the Dean of Students Native American Indian Technology Initiative (DSNAITI) is to provide support to American Indian students in their efforts to graduate from BYU. The Dean of Students wants to complement the institutional support services already available on campus, encourage persistence towards graduation, and offset some costs commonly associated with a college education. Our mission as the MSS is to provide both current and prospective NAI students with opportunities and resources to assist them in the achievement of their academic career goals.

  Sharon Tapahe, Assistant to the Dean of Students and Advisor

I am from Window Rock, Arizona, which is on the Navajo reservation. I grew up learning about my Navajo culture from my parents. I’m grateful for the teachings my parents shared with me. They wanted me to go to school and get an education. It was important to them and me. I received my bachelors and master’s degrees from BYU. I love BYU! I’m thankful for the experiences and opportunities I had at BYU. It has helped me strengthen my testimony.

 Victoria Meza Victoria Meza - Student Assistant 

Victoria is a Senior studying Psychology from Kamas, Ut. She is Peruvian and from the Navajo and Assiniboine Sioux tribes. She served a full time LDS Mission in the New Mexico Farmington mission from 2015-2017.