How do I find out who my MSS counselor is?

Your counselor is usually assigned according to the first letter of your last name; however, in the case of NAI students you may be assigned a counselor who specializes in helping Native American students. If you are not contacted by your counselor, come to the Multicultural Student Services office located in room 1320 of the Wilkinson Student Center (WSC or Wilk) right in front of the main elevators in the basement weekdays between 8am and 5pm, and we'll be able to help you personally.


What activities/clubs are there for NAI students?

BYU is home to the Tribe of Many Feathers (TMF), a BYUSA Service Club of Native American students that meet regularly.  Its purpose is to facilitate contact with other NAI students and educate all BYU students about Native American culture. The Tribe of Many Feathers organizes and participates in variety of activities including Powwow, Frybread College, Moccasin Making Workshop, invitations to special events, as well as regular get-togethers from bowling to barbeques.  

Current BYU students can log on to the BYU/SA Clubs account and add themselves to the email list at clubs.byu.edu or send a message to tribeofmanyfeathers@gmail.com.  Tribe of Many Feathers also has a Facebook page which students can request to join.  Meetings are generally held every Tuesday at 7 pm.

Additionally, the Annual Cedartree Memorial Powwow, which occurs every March, offers several opportunities for students to both serve others and learn about their culture.  Check the MSS webpage at the beginning of Winter Semester for volunteer sign-ups.  Your talents will be appreciated in publicity, hosting, registration, food service, and much more!  


What does the MSS Office/DSNAITI program do for me?

The MSS office caters to students by:

  • Advising in academic, cultural, financial, and personal needs

  • Fostering leadership development and opportunities

  • Providing cultural events to educate and include all students

  • Tracking academic progress of students

  • Sponsoring college preparation programs

In addition, Native American Students can expect their counselors to be experienced and specialized in helping them with their needs, many of which are unique to NAI students. We provide information on tribal and general Native American scholarships, organize activities with TMF, and use other techniques to suit our Native American community here at BYU.


How can I meet others of my culture/tribe?

The best way for you to meet other NAI students is to get involved!  The MSS office is dedicated to "...[developing] a BYU environment of 'fellow citizenry' where multiculturalism can flourish."  We are here to facilitate the growth and development of connections amongst students and faculty.  Attend the Tribe of Many Feathers club meetings, volunteer (especially in NAI events), and simply TALK TO PEOPLE.  You'll be able to establish your own network that will not only be enjoyable, but useful in the future.



Are there any BYU courses that highlight NAI culture?

Students here are given the option to minor in Native American Studies which includes courses in Anthropology, Archaeology, History, Language (Navajo or Shoshone), Religious Studies, and Sociology.  Most of these classes are available to all regardless of major or minor.  Minor requirements as well as classes specific to Native American culture are located in BYU's Undergraduate Catalog.  Contact Jay Buckley at jay_buckley@byu.edu or visit the Department of History website for more information.  



How can I learn about/share my culture at BYU?

BYU offers several opportunities to share culture. Apart from the formal classes, clubs, and activities mentioned above, there are always new ways to share the Native American culture. The Tribe of Many Feathers offers a hoop dance class during Fall and Winter semesters each year.  These classes are generally held each Thursday in the Wilkinson Center, and class members are invited to participate in a hoop exhibition during Powwow.  At the H-FAC students work on and display the art, music, and dances they have prepared. BYU/SA also has a monthly talent show and encourages any and all interested to participate.  


How do I contact my DSNAITI advisor or get more information?

Contact Sharon Tapahe at (801) 422-1450 or by email at sharon_tapahe@byu.edu. Emails can also be sent to her student assistants at nai@byu.edu.